SeIDE Future Work

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Here are the things that should start to show up in SeIDE over the next couple months. In no particular order...


  • Add Locators via plugins - this is non trivial in difficulty since the current locator strategy didn't have this in mind. Or dynamically adding things at all for that matter
  • User defined locators likely will also fall out of this
  • A Locator panel in Options to see what they are

The big tricky bit for this is how to include user-defined and plugin-provided locators into the server


  • Actually, I think I'm decently happy with things right now

Plugin Management

  • Continue to built out the Plugins tab of the Options screen to provide useful plugin management information

User Extensions

  • This is in pretty good shape


  • Rewrite the way preferences are handled to be through a Prefwindow rather than a Dialog
  • Add support for Integer preferences

Dumber is Better (or Pluginification)

  • Some functionality is not core to SeIDE itself and would be much better maintained as a separate plugin
  • I'm sure there will be an ongoing need to be adding IDs to things and abstracting certain parts to make adding onto SeIDE easier