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Selenium Site and Documentation

This is the repository used to build and publish the official Selenium website.

Quick start

We use Hugo and the Docsy theme to build and render the site. You will need the “extended” Sass/SCSS version of the Hugo binary to work on this site. We recommend to use Hugo 0.94.0 or higher.

Steps needed to have this working locally and work on it:

  • Follow the Install Hugo instructions from Docsy
  • Clone this repository
  • Run git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Run cd website_and_docs
  • Run hugo server

A full contribution guideline can be seen at contributing

How to get involved?

Please check all the information available at

For Selenium Site and Documentation maintainers

How does the site and docs get build?

GitHub actions runs for every commit on each PR and protected branch. The regular CI execution will build the site with Hugo to verify that the commit works. The description of these steps can be seen at the actions configuration file, one for testing a PR, and one for deploying the site

How are the site and docs deployed?

After each CI execution that happens in the dev branch, the script is executed for deployment. This script checks for the string [deploy site] in the commit message.

If the commit message contains that string, and the commit is in dev, a GitHub action is triggered to build and deploy the site. The site and docs will be built, and the changes will be committed to the branch publish by the user Selenium-CI.

What is important to take into account is that the source files for the site are in the dev branch, and the files that get deployed are pushed to the publish branch.

The site is deployed using GitHub pages, and the configuration for this can be seen at the repo settings (if you are a maintainer you should be able to access the link).

The domain is managed at, if you need access to it, reach out to any of the PLC or TLC members, who can help you with that.

If for any reason, you need to setup the domain redirection again, we followed this guide, but any tutorial/guide showing how to redirect a domain to GitHub pages should do.