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Version 3.6.08
[Mov], [Del], & [X] now show/hide as needed as perms are changed (owner write bit).
Some restructuring/refactoring in:
  Init_Dir_table_rows(), Insert_mov_del_ckbox(), Assemble_Insert_row(), Build_Directory(),
  Split Insert_mov_del_ckbox() into Assemble_mdx() & Insert_mdx().
Fixed minor perms bug (if changed perms, then resorted dir list, would show old perms value).
Index_Page_events() - moved some "hard coded" colors to .classes
In header, "(on php 5.x.x)" version & phpinfo link now only shows on Admin page.
Minor wording change in readme "Limitations" section.
Tweaked some class names. And some css.
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Self-Evident committed Sep 30, 2017
1 parent 1004bf4 commit bae1ec972f4bc21d50cd4c9b2bcb70fcfd1fada5
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# OneFileCMS Change Log

### v3.6.07 (2017-09-30)

- Fixed minor issue where if perms changed, new value not always displayed.
- A bit of restructure/refactor of perm & Assemble_Insert_Row() related functions.
- "(on php 5.x.x)" version, and link to phpinfo, now only shows on Admin page.
- Andd some css...

### v3.6.07 (2017-09-29)

- Mostly some code improvements.

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