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Latest commit d266dbf Jun 26, 2016 @Self-Evident Version 3.5.21
[Line Wrap on/off] button: added underline on current state (on or off).
Removed some css & js from when [Word Wrap *on *off] used radio buttons.
Rearranged Edit_Page_scripts a bit in a hopefully more logical way.
Set height of both line_numbers & file_editor with css.
Removed setSelRange() in lieu of selectionStart/End in Reset_File().
Moved Toggle_Line_Wrap() out of Line_Numbering(), & into "global" scope of Edit_Page_Scripts().
Added some basic validation to $TAB_SIZE & its js conterpart TAB_SIZE.
Updated OneFileCMS_structure.txt
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OneFileCMS.LANG.RU.php Version 3.5.21 Jun 26, 2016