Related projects

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Related projects you might enjoy. Mostly made by other people, but may be of interest.

  • Freedom - block all internet access for set periods of time. by Fred Stutzman - Free but not open source.
  • ColdTurkey - blocks access to distracting sites - for Windows OS
  • Spirited Away - automatically hides windows you’re not using anymore. by Drikin - Free but not open source.
  • Vitamin-R hides applications, uses a timer, encourages goal setting and focus. Free to try, then costs, and not open-source.
  • Concentrate blocks sites, allows sites, launches and quits apps, and more (but you can disable it) by Rocket Software. Free to try, then costs, and not open source.
  • RescueTime scheduled, timetracker, etc. Free plan, but full features are $9/mo. Not open source.
  • FlexTime - a versatile timer for repetitive activities
  • Oh, and Add-Art - a web browser plugin that replaces advertising with art. (I worked on this too)