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Tweaking Max Block Length and Block Length Interval

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Read this closely. If you do it wrong, SelfControl will not launch.

To adjust the maximum block time and interval on the sliders, just open in Applications --> Utilities, then enter the following two commands (substituting the words in brackets with numbers). Press enter after each line:

defaults write org.eyebeam.SelfControl MaxBlockLength -int [maximum block length in minutes]
defaults write org.eyebeam.SelfControl BlockLengthInterval -int [block length interval in minutes]

So, for example, to change it to a month-long maximum block with intervals at each day, you could use:

defaults write org.eyebeam.SelfControl MaxBlockLength -int 43200
defaults write org.eyebeam.SelfControl BlockLengthInterval -int 1440

If you mess something up, use this Terminal command (while SelfControl is closed) to reset these settings:

defaults delete org.eyebeam.SelfControl

Automate with an AppleScript

Karl James Pestka wrote an AppleScript to automate SelfControl. Information on it is on

Automate with Python Script

Andreas Grill wrote a "small utility to schedule start and stop times of SelfControl" and it's available on github.

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