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SelfKey.NET is the SelfKey platform to support our partners using .NET including .NET Core, .NET Standard and ASP.NET Core 2.2.

  • SelfKey.Login.Api is a .NET Standard API for .NET client applications to leverage Login with SelfKey capabilities.
  • SelfKey.Login.Data is a class library containing the models required for transmitting data for use with Login with SelfKey.


  • This module provides a single static class (Authenticator) for signing and verifying messages using Nethereum. It may be added as a dependency to any .NET project supporting .NET Standard 2.0.
  • Call Sign to sign a message. You may pass a private key as a string or an EthECKey object. The method will return a signature that can be used to verify the message later.
  • Call Verify to verify a message using a passed User object. It will verify that the recovered public key matches the address provided in the User object.


  • This module provides a set of model entity classes based on a JSON schema to be used for transmitting data. It may be added as a dependency to any .NET project supporting .NET Standard 2.0.
  • The JSON schema is included as login-schema.json which describes a payload that can be used for any RESTful web API intended to receive Login with SelfKey data.
  • The model entity classes (in LoginClasses.cs) are automatically generated by the NSwag toolchain during the build (if they are out of date). This uses nswag.json which was generated using NSwagStudio and can be updated using this application if ever required.


To develop and build locally, open SelfKey.NET.sln in Visual Studio 2017.

Packages & Status

SelfKey.NET consists of multiple packages. For information about each package please follow the links:

Package NuGet
SelfKey.Login.Api NuGet
SelfKey.Login.Data NuGet
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