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OneTime Sublime

Enhancements for an internal web app called OneTime, in the form of a Chrome extension.

Current features

Note that the below features can be enabled / disabled and customised via the extension options.

  • Real time filtering of Favourites
    Entries in the Personal / Team tabs of the Favourites panel are refined as you type in the filter box. Useful for those of us who log time against many different tasks.

  • Calendar / week grid highlighting of incomplete days
    OneTime already highlights incomplete days in the Week Grid in red. Now, public holidays, partially complete and over-complete days are coloured differently to blank and complete days. Days in the calendar are also coloured in a similar fashion, giving you a quick overview of days needing to be filled in. By default, future days aren't highlighted, but this can be overridden in the options.

  • 'Find Incomplete Day' button
    Allows you to cycle through incomplete days from the past few months and from the upcoming month (if future day highlighting is enabled in the options).

  • Improve week grid appearance
    For consistency with the calendar, days in the week grid are highlighted grey when they're grey in the calendar. Fixed the cursor when hovering over days.

  • Text wrapping in tables
    Text inside the timesheet grid table (at the bottom) and the tables in the Personal / Team tabs (Favourites Panel) does not wrap by default, and instead is truncated prematurely. Truncation looks nicer aesthetically but is annoying when you want to see hidden text, and is exacerbated on smaller screens. Text wrapping is disabled by default.


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Issues / Enhancements

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Enhancements for an internal web app called OneTime, in the form of a Chrome extension






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