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One more minor fix

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Ian Emmons
Ian Emmons committed Sep 29, 2019
1 parent 3cbb2c8 commit f8ce1be1b4ffc1fc995d2b2e746243966cf5cc55
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@@ -268,16 +268,13 @@
<mkdir dir="${reportsDir}"/>

<target name="continuous-build" depends="svn-update, createDistro"
<target name="continuous-build" depends="git-pull, runTests"
description="Performs the continuous build"/>

<target name="nightly-build" depends="svn-update, runTests, publish-integration"
description="Performs the nightly build"/>

<target name="svn-update" depends="clean">
<echo message="Updating from Subversion..."/>
<exec executable="svn">
<arg line="update"/>
<target name="git-pull" depends="clean">
<echo message="Pulling from git ..."/>
<exec executable="git">
<arg line="pull"/>

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