Semantic-UI has stopped developing? #4886

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Semantic-UI has stopped developing?
Are there any plans for the next release(semantic-ui 3)?


Well there are several matured pull requests (e.g. the calendar), which would greatly benefit semantic ui, yet, they this example has not been merged in more than 12 months. On the other side, semantic ui team members are active on these issues, so maybe such pull requests simply don't go in the right direction?

An official comment would be nice :-)


Yea, this is what I'm wondering. There are a lot of pull requests, some going back months, and many with no responses. Is v3 a more concentrated effort among the core maintainers which is why they don't want to accept contributions? That's understandable if the contributions don't match the vision of v3, but it would be nice to see an official response and a posted and up front message stating that so people know what to expect and whether to contribute. I can't think of any other reason for so many outstanding (and un-responded to) pull requests and issues.


From what I observed through the years I came to the conclusion that the "Donate" button is a project-killer. It creates wrong expectations and plans. For my public projects it is my conscious decision not to seek or accept donations, the support is through other commercial activities.

However there is no a universal recipe that I could suggest. No offense to anybody. Please think about variants for breaking the current status-quo.

jokeronaldo commented Jan 9, 2017 edited

@jlukic (official developer) can answer you guys. He is the man who can definitely give us a direction.


Would absolutely love some input from Jack.
Everyone's quite excited about the prospects of v3.x but when you see 900+ open issues, you tend to focus on solving those than working for v3. But that's just me. 😃


Is there already a roadmap for v3? We have many great ideas here as issues (some even as pull requests - 80 in total), maybe we need to make a long list and then prioritize?


What we need most right now is a word from official developer @jlukic about how we gonna fix these 900+ open issues and what are the plans for v3.

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