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This page keeps track of where Semantic-UI is being integrated in various applications.

If you have integrated Semantic UI into an application, please add it here. Please maintain the alphabetic order within each section.

Sample Layouts

GitHub Example (Demo)
This example shows theming an exact duplicate of GitHub repo page with Semantic UI. Click the paint icon button to modify the theme.
Designr's Templates (Demo)
A product page and other additional template examples with Semantic UI


A framework for web-projects that is based on Mojolicious(Perl) that integrates Semantic UI as its default UI. (not production ready)
A replacement for Apache's default auto indexer that uses Semantic UI by default for its theme and dashboard.
Semantic UI components implemented in ClojureScript for the react interface om.
An Express+Node.js based web app development template that uses React and Semantic-UI for the front end.
Integrates Semantic UI with the AngularJS MVW Framework. (not production ready)
Official Semantic UI Integration for Ember.js (not production ready)
Unofficial Semantic UI Integration for Ember.js (not production ready)

Pipelines, Ports, and Packages

Dart Packages
For use with the DART programming language.
Semantic UI package for Meteor
This is a wrapper for Semantic UI for Meteor.
This is a gem for Rails with Semantic-UI assets. (LESS-based)
This is a SCSS port with Compass & Rails support.
An SCSS port based on bootstrap-sass's converter.


Semantic UI for Drupal
Provides a base theme for Semantic UI for Drupal.
Provides a base Tumblr theme.
Semantic UI for Wordpress
Provides a starter/developer theme for WordPress.

Prototyping and Mockups

This is a library of Semantic-UI interface elements recreated as Sketch 3 symbols.
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