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  • TableSchemaManager handles all table definitions used by Semantic MediaWiki in a RDBMS agnostic way
  • Installer takes the TableSchemaManager (holds the table definitions), TableBuilder (creates/updates/removes an individual table), and TableBuildExaminer (runs some pre/post examination checks after tables have been added or removed) to perform the setup or removal of database tables used by Semantic MediaWiki
  • Contains all classes that implement RDBMS specific execution commands and auxiliary classes to hold table definitions


  • Contains individual classes used by the TableBuildExaminer


To change the database schema for Semantic MediaWiki related tables have a look at the TableSchemaManager that contains relevant settings and configurations (please refer to the document when working on database specific changes).

Currently three different RDBMS provider are supported including MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. If a different provider is required then adding a new class with RDBMS specific commands is the first step together with registering this class with the TableBuilder factory method. Besides adding a new class, it is absolute necessary that entire test suite passes before an additional provider can be added to SMW core.

Related hooks

  • SMW::SQLStore::Installer::BeforeCreateTablesComplete
  • SMW::SQLStore::Installer::AfterCreateTablesComplete
  • SMW::SQLStore::Installer::AfterDropTablesComplete

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