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Querying and displaying data

When resolving a query request (i.e. resolving the parser function {{#ask ... }} or {{#show: ... }}) the QueryEngine has two distinct tasks to accomplish:

  • First, build a query condition in a corresponding language (SQL, ES-DSL, SPARQL) that is understood by the assigned QueryEngine where it returns a list of subjects that match the condition (similar to finding rows in a table that match a WHERE condition)
  • Secondly, build a QueryResult object that contains the matched subjects and provide information on the requested printouts (equivalent of columns displayed in a table)



  • Parser.php interface to src/Query/Parser to create a Description and Query object from an {{#ask: ...}} string
  • PrintRequest.php
  • ResultPrinter.php interface to concrete implementations found in src/Query/ResultPrinters


Each condition elememt (e.g. [[Has foo::bar]] || [[!Foo]]) of a query is representated by a Description object allowing to express a query condition as as description AST.


  • [QueryResult.php] the instance represents the matched subjects of a query request (i.e. rows of a table)
  • [ResultArray.php] represents a lazy-object to contain the printouts (see PrintRequest) for a particular subject (i.e. as columns for a particulr row)


A ResultPrinter is the user facing output formatter that takes a QueryResult and transform its representation into a specific format by extending:

  • ResultPrinter.php is an abstract base class to provide accessors and pre and postprocess the output after an individual printer returns the formatted result or
  • FileExportPrinter.php is an abstract base class for file export result printers


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