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Semantic MediaWiki maintenance scripts

Scripts can be run with a command line PHP call if your MediaWiki is properly configured to run maintenance scripts.

If you keep SMW in the standard directory ./extensions/SemanticMediaWiki below your MediaWiki installation, then you can run these scripts from almost anywhere.

Otherwise, it is required to set the environment variable MW_INSTALL_PATH to the root of your MediaWiki installation first. This is also required if you use a symbolic link from ./extensions/SemanticMediaWiki to the actual installation directory of Semantic MediaWiki. Setting environment variables is different for different operating systems and shells, but can normally be done from the command line right before the php call. On Bash (Linux), e.g. one can use the following call to execute "setupStore.php" with a different MediaWiki location:

export MW_INSTALL_PATH="/path/to/mediawiki" && php setupStore.php

In some setups that use a lot of shared code for many wikis, it might be required to specify the location of "LocalSettings.php" explicitly, too:

export MW_INSTALL_PATH="/path/to/mediawiki" && php setupStore.php --conf=/path/to/mediawiki/LocalSettings.php