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  • Semantic Priming Across Many Languages
  • in partnership with the Psychological Science Accelerator
  • accepted in principle at Nature Human Behaviour

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Folder Information

Please see readme files within in each folder for more information about individual files within each folder.

01_Ethics: This folder contains all the information about the overall Ethics from Harrisburg University. Please see for ethics from individual research labs.

02_Power: This folder contains the power analysis simulations for the pre-registration of the paper.

03_Materials: This folder contains the materials and translations for the languages that we ran the study in. Includes all code-based and person-updated translations (when completed).

04_Procedure: This folder contains versions of the experiment, and all materials for setting up the experiment on your own php enabled server. Please note that our real versions often included multiple copies of the same experiment to control for too many people taking it at once. All the data provided in this folder and scripts are run on example data. Please see summary_data if you want to see the scripts that were used in the study on the server (and the local version you can test on your own).

05_Data: This folder contains the template for data processing from raw data into the analysis and output data in data_processing. The original examples are in pre_registered, with the updated versions in data_processing. Summary tables of language and labs are provided, along with codebooks of each type of output file provided in our data release.

06_Analysis: This folder contains the files that calculate descriptive statistics, hypothesis tests, and transition probabilities, as well as supplemental information about the project (like the Deviation List).

07_Manuscript: This folder contains manuscript drafts, author lists, and contributions made by each author.

08_Credit: Finalized credit information is stored in this folder.

09_PSA_Proposal: This folder contains the original submission to the PSA. The power analyses were the same and moved to the overall power folder. Between original submission and submission to the journal, updated similarity calculations were included, and therefore, the original versions are only in this folder.

10_Presentations: This folder contains the information for presentations given about the project.

11_Grants: This folder contains information about a few of the grants we submitted to support this project.