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Cluster configuration

As for the single-machine installation, you must first create a cluster configuration file and associated manifest. As this is more complicated for a cluster, we suggest that you read the documentation for guidelines on how to go about doing this. We then assume that you will be using a state directory stored in version control, containing at least these files, along with any other supporting files such as SSL certificates and an LGTM external provider configuration. Be aware that if you store sensitive data (for example, LGTM's manifest.xml) in version control, it should be encrypted and then decrypted on use, or the repository should be carefully protected from unauthorized access.

├── lgtm-cluster-config.yml
└── manifest.xml


To deploy from a machine with SSH access to all hosts mentioned in your cluster configuration file, simply checkout the state directory alongside an untarred LGTM installation bundle and the script found next to this README:

├── lgtm-1.20.0
├── lgtm-1.20.0.tar.gz
└── state
    ├── lgtm-cluster-config.yml
    └── manifest.xml

Then run the deploy script:

LGTM_CREDENTIALS_PASSWORD=<manifest password> ./ <lgtm directory>

Post-installation configuration

Simple steps for post-installation configuration can be found in the single-machine deploy README.

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