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* Provides a library for local (intra-procedural) and global (inter-procedural)
* data flow analysis: deciding whether data can flow from a _source_ to a
* _sink_.
* Unless configured otherwise, _flow_ means that the exact value of
* the source may reach the sink. We do not track flow across pointer
* dereferences or array indexing. To track these types of flow, where the
* exact value may not be preserved, import
* `semmle.code.cpp.dataflow.TaintTracking`.
* To use global (interprocedural) data flow, extend the class
* `DataFlow::Configuration` as documented on that class. To use local
* (intraprocedural) data flow between expressions, call
* `DataFlow::localExprFlow`. For more general cases of local data flow, call
* `DataFlow::localFlow` or `DataFlow::localFlowStep` with arguments of type
* `DataFlow::Node`.
import cpp
module DataFlow {
import semmle.code.cpp.dataflow.internal.DataFlowImpl
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