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GoogleAnalytics Client API port to Haxe

Implementation of a generic server-side Google Analytics client in Haxe that implements nearly every parameter and tracking feature of the original GA Javascript client.

This project is a port of php-ga (, developed by Thomas Bachem.

Note that until Android and iOS native SDK gets integrated on this package, this project needs you to provide an ID of a Website to work propperly.

Simple use Example:

// This example uses the Stats class. This class automatically creates and persists for
// you all google analytics required objects so users will keep their statistics identities
// through different sessions.
// It also creates a queue on native platforms (CPP) so tracking will goes on a separate
// thread to avoid slowing down the main Thread while tracking.

import googleAnalytics.Stats;

class SimpleExample {
    function new(){
        Stats.init('UA-27265081-3', '');
        // Stats.init('UA-27265081-3', '', true); /* in case you want to use SSL connections */

    function trackStuff(){
        // track some page views
        Stats.trackPageview('/page.html','Page Title!');

        // track some events

Advanced use Example:

// This example uses the original GoogleAnalytics classes.

import googleAnalytics.Visitor;
import googleAnalytics.Tracker;
import googleAnalytics.Session;
import googleAnalytics.Page;

class AdvancedExample {

    private var tracker:Tracker;
    private var visitor:Visitor;
    private var session:Session;

    function new(){
        tracker = new Tracker('UA-27265081-3', '');

        // (could also get unserialized from somewhere)
        visitor = new Visitor();

        session = new Session();

    function trackPageview(){   
        // Assemble Page information
        var page = new googleAnalytics.Page('/page.html');
        page.setTitle('My Page');

        // Track page view
        tracker.trackPageview(page, session, visitor);

How to Install:

haxelib install haxe-ga


Google is a registered trademark of Google Inc.


The MIT License (MIT) -

Copyright © 2012 SempaiGames (

Author: Federico Bricker