Sentinel-2 for Agriculture (Sen2Agri) is a software system processing high resolution satellite images for agricultural purposes funded by ESA (European Space Agency). Please register on the Sen2Agri webpage for Sen2Agri system updates and information.
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sen2agri-monitor-agent Fix monitor agent configuration reading Feb 24, 2016
sen2agri-orchestrator LAI INRA processor evolutions Sep 7, 2018
sen2agri-persistence Corrections for pause/cancel/resume jobs Feb 20, 2018
sen2agri-processor-wrapper Added retry mechanism for executor Apr 6, 2017
sen2agri-processors LAI INRA processor evolutions Sep 7, 2018
sen2agri-scheduler Added some log messages to orchestrator May 10, 2018
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logo Sentinel-2 For Agriculture System

The Sentinel-2 for Agriculture system is designed to automatically generate key products for agriculture monitoring, based on Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 data (cloud-free surface reflectance composite, dynamic cropland mask, cultivated crop type map and vegetation indicators describing the vegetative development of crops). The system has been developped by the Sen2Agri consortium. It was developed through the Sentinel-2 for Agriculture project, which has been funded by the European Space Agency in the frame of the DUE program.


Binaries Packages

You can download the binaries of the system for CentOS-7 here.


You can find also more informations about ths system here.

Join the community

If you need help, want to share our experience or report issue, you can use the forum. If you want support and informations about the project, please register to the website.


We are strongly interessted by new contributions. If you are interested, please submit a pull request to this repository.


Please see the LICENCE.txt file and the licence directory for legal issues on the use of the software.