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Sendmachine module for PrestaShop

You can freely use this module in your PrestaShop website.


Sendmachine's official plugin will enable you to:

  1. Set up signup forms You can set up a signup form in a few easy steps: connect using the provided API credentials, select a contact list where your visitors will subscribe and you're basically good to go.

  2. Sync your prestashop users with a specific contact list You want to send emails to all your users but don't know how? Well, don't worry, we can help you with that. After you've successfully selected a contact list, you can use the "Export" button, to subscribe all your users to that contact list.

  3. Send emails through our services No need for nasty, geeky configurations. Just slide the "enable email sending" switch to "YES" and select desired encryption (optional). If you set a from email that doesn't already exist in your sendmachine account as a sender address, a confirmation email will be generated and sent to that address. Not quite sure if you've done everything right? You can test if everything is ok by sending a test email. If you got the mail, you can sit back and relax: you've done it, otherwise something went wrong.

  4. Send news feed You can send a newsletter directly from the admin panel with the latest products.


  1. Download or clone this repo

  2. Rename root archive folder to "sendmachine"

  3. Open your Prestashop admin panel, go to Modules and Services and click "Add a new module"

  4. Browse for the downloaded module and click "Upload this module"

  5. Click the "Install" button to install the Sendmachine module


Set your Sendmachine API username and password in the module's general settings tab and slide the "Enable Sendmachine module" switch to "YES". If you are a confirmed Sendmachine user, you can get the username and password directly from .

The sendmachine module is licensed under the MIT License. (See LICENSE)