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Repository for c3dl (Canvas 3D JS Library). See wiki for related links

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Master Branch - As of Oct.20, 2010 the cathyatseneca/master branch will be the official release branch for c3dl.  Each commit to the master branch will represent a release version of the library

Review Branch - As of Oct. 20, 2010 the cathyatseneca/review branch will be the development branch of the library.  Commits to this branch have gone through a review but are not part of the library's release

Bug tracker:

c3dl usese lighthouse for bug tracking:

Patch Review and Submission Process:

* Each patch submitted must have a corresponding ticket number
* Pull the most recent commit off the review branch and merge your code into it.
* Test
* Request a peer review
* Request a super review
* Request merge into Review Branch

File Organization:

/c3dl:  This folder contains the library itself.

/c3dl-dev:  This folder contains demos and tests for the library.
If you download the entire repo and keep the directory structure as is, you
will be able to run any of these by opening the html files in these directories

/tutorials: The folder contains the implementation of code from our tutorials

/release: folder containing the zip files of our official releases


Repository for c3dl (Canvas 3D JS Library). See wiki for related links






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