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GameBoy/GameBoy Color emulator written in C++. A web version powered by emscripten is also available at
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SenBoy Build Status

GameBoy (Color) emulator.

Emulation still has a few quirks (see issues), but compatibility is pretty good. This was developed as a side project and is by no means finished or polished.

A web version compiled to javascript via emscripten is available at



You will need a fairly recent compiler, meaning with C++14 and std::experimental::filesystem support. Compilation is manually being tested on Windows (MinGW) with g++ 6.1.0, but Linux with g++5 or more should be fine (see Travis CI). I have no way to test OSX, so if you know how to setup a OSX compiler fulfilling these constraints on Travis, please tell me!

You will need CMake and a copy of SFML 2.X (see Dependencies). On Windows, or if you used a non standard install path, you may want to set the CMake variables CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH to where are stored the SFML libraries and SFML_INCLUDE_DIR to the folder containing the SFML headers (using cmake-gui or the command line). Once this done, this should be enough:

cmake .


SenBoy now have a basic GUI! Yay! Bring it up (or hide it) by pressing Escape or Enter.

You can also pass a rom path via the command line to run it :

./SenBoy path/to/the/rom [options]
Option Effect
-d Start in debug mode
-b Skip Boot ROM
-s Disable sound
--dmg Force execution in original GameBoy mode
--cgb Force execution in GameBoy Color mode

Controls uses any connected Joystick, or the keyboard. There is no way to configure it ! Values are hard coded to match a Xbox360/XboxOne controller and the keyboard uses the following mapping:

Gameboy Button Keyboard Key
Select H
Start J
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Turbo A V, X on Gamepad
Turbo B B, Y on Gamepad

When SenBoy is running, the following shortcuts are available:

Key Action
Escape/Enter Show/Hide GUI
Backspace Reset
Space Advance one instruction (in debug)
M Toggle Real Speed
RB (Joystick) Unlock framerate (hold)
D Toggle Debugging (Halt Execution)
L Advance one frame
N Clear all breakpoints
P Toggle Post-process (nothing)
NumPad + Volume Up
NumPad - Volume Down
Alt+Enter Toggle Fullscreen
Ctrl+S Save (saves RAM to disk)
Ctrl+Q Quit


  • Joypad interrupts: These are rarely used so I pretty much forgot to fix my implementation. What games uses them?
  • Gameboy Color Mode
    • DMG Games in CGB mode (Correct compatibility mode; some sprites disappears)
  • Application debugging (See Issues)
  • (Other Mappers? What popular games uses other mappers than MBC1/3/5?)
  • (Constant coding style...)


Blargg's cpu_instrs individual tests:

Test Status
01-special PASS
02-interrupts PASS
03-op sp,hl PASS
04-op r,imm PASS
05-op rp PASS
06-ld r,r PASS
07-jr,jp,call,ret,rst PASS
08-misc instrs PASS
09-op r,r PASS
10-bit ops PASS
11-op a,(hl) PASS
instr_timing PASS
01-read_timing FAIL
02-write_timing FAIL
03-modify_timing FAIL
interrupt_time PASS
halt_bug FAIL

SenBoy is NOT sub-instruction accurate.



  • for their awesome wiki.
  • Shay 'Blargg' Green for his tests roms, his Gb_Snd_Emu library and all his contributions to the emulation scene!
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