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Welcome to the Dagon Wiki. This is an ongoing effort to document the internals of the engine, explain its usage to newcomers with tutorials, share tips, and plan ahead. Anything goes as long it is related to Dagon. For example, tips to render cubemaps in Blender or other modeling applications.

If you wish to contribute to the engine code, please make sure you review the Guidelines in the development section. We thank you in advance for your contribution!

Engine Development

Using Dagon

Be warned: this section is under heavy development and rather messy!


Creating Media for Dagon



  • Agustín Cordes
  • Andis Anastasis
  • Cleo Mullins
  • Gerardo Heidel
  • James Wilson
  • Matthew Carson

All the respective licenses and mentions of every library used in Dagon are detailed in the Credits.rtf file which is bundled with the engine.