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Welcome to your Marduq JS!

This clumsy, sorry piece of files actually has a working example of the marduqjs api neatly packed in an express wrapper with some jade. Also there is a twitter scraper in here, but don't mind that for now.


$ npm install marduqjs

Doublecheck your package

Just do it, it saves you time, even when everything is fine :p

Configure the API

// create the api
var mapi = require('marduqjs').MarduqApi;                

// your friendly neighbourhood marduq cdn server
mapi.MARDUQ_URL = "";           

// your keys
mapi.MARDUQ_KEY = "................................";
mapi.MARDUQ_SECRET ="................................";

// your client id is mandatory
mapi.MARDUQ_CLIENT_ID = "........................";

You can get an api key by going to and follow the instructions. You'll need to make an account and get your generated keys from the account panel.

You only need to authorize the api once.

Call the api

var mapi = require('marduqjs').MarduqApi;

//  make a testcall, getMarduq( url ) host should be set
var test = mapi.getMarduq('/api/v2/programs.json?client_id=53a0349e6465765e728b0000');   

// get all programs, just send an empty string
var programs = mapi.getProgram({'program':''});

// get one specific program, provide the program id
var program = mapi.getProgram({'program':'552bbbde6465762de3280000'});                      

Here is a simple api call, where first we just throw an url to the api. Second, get all programs, or get a single program with a program id

Running the server

Open server.js and start the app

The Rest

MIT Licenced 2015

MARDUQ.TV, interactive video magic. blog at for


A node wrapper around the Marduq API, for some awsome video magic






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