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Welcome to sensenet

The Open Source Enterprise Content Services Platform written in .NET!

See how you can try it!

Join the chat at Build Status

sensenet Services 7.0 stable is out! Jump to the Getting started section below to start experimenting right away!

If you need...

  • a Content Repository with a powerful query engine (built on Lucene.Net) for storing millions of documents,
  • an extendable .Net development platform with many features developers will like (OData REST API with a .Net client SDK, LINQ to sensenet, a unified Content layer - and many more),
  • a flexible security layer with customizable content permissions, honored by the query engine,
  • a scalable enterprise architecture with NLB and background task management,
  • workspaces, lists and libraries to make collaboration easier're covered!


sensenet can be a lot of things

  • a development platform
  • an internet and intranet portal
  • a central Content Repository for all kinds of custom content
  • an integration point between your (or your clients') existing applications

Let us know which part you're interested in most!


New pricing and licensing strategy is in progress. If you're interested contact sales.

Contact and support

Feel free to visit our communication channels for demo, examples and support:

Getting started

You can try out sensenet in many different ways, check its capabilities in the way you prefer 👉 here


A modern Content Services Platform that can be integrated into existing or new web applications. We modularized sensenet so that you can install only the parts you need. Take a look at the currently published core components!

There is also a number of other built-in and 3rd party components and plugins that are built on this platform either by us or the community.

sensenet components

After installing sensenet

After you installed sensenet, you can start sending requests to the site.

Consider using the following client projects to manipulate data in the Content Repository through its REST API:

For detailed client side examples, please visit the REST API article.


All kinds of contributions are welcome! We are happy if you have an idea, bugfix or feature request to share with others. Please check out our Contribution guide for details.

This article can also be read in Brazilian Portuguese.

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