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New features

Search module

This is a major update of the platform: we generalized indexing and querying so that the Lucene search engine can be refactored later to work as a service instead of as a local index. In this first phase nothing will actually change architecturally: the index folders will remain in the local web directory as before. But under the hood we decoupled the search module from the repository, which means we will be able to create and deploy a separate search service in the future, without changing the code in the main application.

Breaking changes

This version contains API changes that may break low-level search-related calls. We had to move a few classes to a different namespace (e.g. the base TextExecutor class) and a few enumerations too. If you encounter build or type load errors during or after the upgrade, please follow the suggestions in Visual Studio to update those calls or base classes. We do not expect to have many of these, but if you stuck with the upgrade please contact us for help.

Bug fixes

  • SmtpClient instances are created in a using block so that they got desposed properly to prevent connection leak.
  • Logout action can be called without providing the ultimateLogout optional parameter.
  • Add initial See permission for the Identified Users group to the Folder content type so that users see the folder creator action on the UI.


To get started please follow the instructions in the Install sensenet ECM from NuGet article.

Upgrade from previous version

If you already have sensenet ECM installed and want an in-place upgrade instead of re-creating the database, please run the upgrade patch (you'll find it above in the Assets list) in your dev, test and live environments to be up to date. The patch is an SnAdmin package.

This is a major upgrade, please check out this article for details about performing a complex upgrade.

The patch above is a cumulative package that you may execute on versions from 7.0.0 to 7.0.2. This means you do not have to upgrade to 7.0.1 or 7.0.2 before executing this one.

Note that after executing the patch, you will have to update your sensenet Services NuGet packages to the same version. Please check your connection strings (web.config and Tools\SnAdminRuntime.exe.config) after updating the packages, because NuGet may change those values based on the package contents.