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This is an important milestone toward cloud compatibility: we started to convert our projects to support .Net Standard 2.0. This means that we had to upgrade all our projects to at least .Net Framework 4.6.1 (which is the earliest version of the framework that supports netstandard 2.0).

In this release cycle we converted the following related packages to .Net Standard:

  • SenseNet.Common
  • SenseNet.Search


  • Easy release: from the next release it will be possible to update only the NuGet package of a component (without executing an upgrade patch) if there were no database or configuration changes (this is not the case for this particular release however, because there are config changes).
  • We removed Unity containers from the product in preparation for removing EntLib as a dependency. Please check remaining Unity containers and type definitions in your configuration after upgrading.
  • Our provider loading mechanism got smarter: if there is no provider configured in code for a certain name, it will look into the configuration file for that provider automatically.

Bug fixes

  • There was a stackoverflow exception in certain cases when a custom Membership extender tried to access the security subsystem.
  • There was a serialization error during patch execution (when upgrading from a previous version), caused by an incorrect indexing algorithm.
  • Incorrectly formatted xml files were not indexed at all. From now on we index them as regular text files.

Breaking changes

  • Please make sure that all your projects are built using .Net Framework 4.6.1 (or a later version) before upgrading.
  • Please check remaining Unity containers and type definitions in your configuration after upgrading.


To get started please follow the instructions in the Install sensenet from NuGet article.

Upgrade from previous version

If you already have sensenet installed and want an in-place upgrade instead of re-creating the database, please run the upgrade patch (you'll find it above in the Assets list) in your dev, test and live environments to be up to date. The patch is an SnAdmin package.

The patch above is a cumulative package that you may execute on any previous version. This means you do not have to upgrade to previous interim versions before executing this one.

Note that after executing the patch, you will have to update your sensenet Services NuGet packages to the same version. Please check your connection strings (web.config and Tools\SnAdminRuntime.exe.config) after updating the packages, because NuGet may change those values based on the package contents.

Known issues

It is possible that when you upgrade your NuGet packages, an extra line appear in the loggingConfiguration/formatters section: a duplicated line with the name 'Text Formatter'. If that happens, please remove one of those lines.

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