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  • The new Repository builder API lets developers configure the repository from code during application start instead of having to edit configuration files.

Bug fixes

  • The site start process froze in some environments when trying to access the performance counter API.

Breaking changes

  • The Blob storage library has been converted to .Net Standard 2.0. During this process we had to move a legacy feature, MS Sql FILESTREAM column support to a separate package. If you are using the FileStream feature to store binaries in sensenet, you will have to install that new package and configure it as an external blob provider. Please visit the main page of the MS Sql FileStream provider repository to know more.


To get started please follow the instructions in the Install sensenet from NuGet article.

Upgrade from previous versions

If you already have sensenet installed and want an in-place upgrade instead of re-creating the database, you have to do the following:

  • versions before 7.2: upgrade your database using the upgrade patch (you'll find it on the page of the 7.2 release) in your dev, test and live environments to be up to date.
  • versions 7.2 or later: do not require a patch in the dev environment, just update the NuGet package and compile your application.
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