There are bug fixes and new features as well in this release, please take a look at the following list of changes.

This release requires an upgrade patch to be executed if you already have a database. Download the patch from the assets list above.


  • The backend part of the Sharing feature provides the API for managing private and public content sharing.

Bug fixes

  • Add allowed child types API works correctly.
  • Querying on a content's reference field (inner or nested query) works correctly through the OData API.
  • User Avatar property always contains the image url and it can be modified correctly.
  • Notify property changed event is fired correctly to avoid deviations between the node and content layers.
  • Indexing activity deserialization errors are written to the log only once, not every time the same error occurs.

Package changes to support .Net Standard

  • The legacy Performance counters api has been removed from the core product in preparation for moving our packages to .Net Standard. The feature has been moved to the Performance counters repo and package.
  • We moved the MSMQ Channel Provider to a separate package because the MSMQ technology is not available in .Net Standard.
  • We rearranged default permissions for the Identified and Everyone groups. This will make adding new users simpler because they will receive the necessary basic permissions automatically through the Everyone group. These changes will affect new projects only, they are not included in the upgrade patch to avoid unwanted permission changes.
  • We removed the System.Web reference from the Storage library to be able to convert it to .Net Standard later.
  • We also removed the IHttpHandler interface from the repository project: Images are served through the regular binary provider from now on.
  • We removed the separate Configuration dll from the main package and moved all its classes to the Services library to make our library set more streamlined.


To get started please follow the instructions in the Install sensenet from NuGet article.

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