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@tusmester tusmester released this Feb 4, 2020

This release is mostly a technical update that takes us closer to a full .Net Core solution. It also contains several bug fixes.

This release does not require an upgrade patch if you already have the previous version installed: it is enough to update the packages in Visual Studio.


Bug fixes

  • Use async stream operations in OData middleware because that is the default in .net core to prevent a runtime exception.
  • Fix empty query execution.
  • Allowed child types field is indexed correctly and became searchable.
  • Previous GetSchema changes (added content handler info) were ported to the old Services project.
  • OData middleware is registered correctly and developers may add custom middleware after it correctly in a .net core web project.
  • Users without admin permissions are able to create other users correctly.


To get started please follow the instructions in the Install sensenet from NuGet article.

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