A .Net client for sensenet ECM that makes it easy to use the REST API of the Content Repository.
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sensenet Client library for .Net

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This component lets you work with the sensenet Content Repository (create or manage content, execute queries, etc.) by providing a C# client API for the main content operations.

This library connects to a sensenet REST API, but hides the underlying HTTP requests. You can work with simple load or create Content operations in C#, instead of having to construct web requests yourself.

var content = await Content.LoadAsync(id);

The component exposes a completely async API so that you can use it in a resource-friendly way.

The client Content class gives you a dynamic object so you can access fields (that are essentially properties in the response JSON) easily.

dynamic content = await Content.LoadAsync(id);
DateTime date = content.BirthDate;

Querying or uploading is also made easy.

await Content.UploadAsync(parentId, fileName, stream);
var results = await Content.QueryAsync(queryText);

See the details and more examples here.