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New features

Upload functionality has been improved, now chunked upload is supported from the library. The new upload endpoints on Content level:

  • content.UploadTextAsFile(options) - Create a text file from a string variable
  • content.UploadFile(options) - Upload a file from a File instance (e.g. from form data)
  • content.UploadFromDropEvent(options) - Upload a file structure from a single Drop event

Binary field support has been added, now you can overwrite binaries on content field level. The new endpoints per binary fields (e.g. file.Binary) are:

  • fileContent.SaveBinaryFile(file: File)
  • fileContent.SaveBinaryText(text: string)
  • fileContent.GetDownloadUrl(): string

New Repository setting - If you've modified the default BinaryChunkSize, you can adjust it with the Repository's ChunkSize setting


MockHttpProvider has been refactored in order to handle a request/response queue instead of defining single results. The provider will
The following methods has been removed / replaced

  • setResponse(response) -> AddResponse(response)
  • setError(error) -> AddError(error)
  • lastOptions -> RequestLog

RxAjaxHttpProvider - The unused ForceCheckCrossDomain property has been removed.