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Document Management Demo upon sensenet
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This package is not under active development. You can find our latest packages in the sensenset/sn-client monorepo.

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sensenet Document Management demo with React.

Sense/Net Services

Install and start

$ git clone
$ cd sn-dms-demo
$ npm install
$ npm start

Please set the following enviroment variables:

  • REACT_APP_SERVICE_URL: url of the site that has at least sensenet services installed (default value is https://sn-local so if you have a site installed locally with this url, you have nothing to do with this).
  • REACT_APP_RECAPTCHA_KEY: Google ReCAPTCHA sitekey. Without this registration won't work.

Running Tests

$ npm test

The app is built with create-react-app-typescript the TypeScript version of create-react-app, so for further information about build, test, config, etc. issues, check them on github.

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