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Integration tests for various constellations on the sensenet platform.
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sensenet integration tests

This repository contains integration tests for various constellations on the sensenet platform. It is intended to be used for testing scenarios when a simple unit test is not sufficient and we need to test a certain feature that requires multiple layers or components to be present - for example a real database.

Test solution

The main solution contains reference projects in the "ReferenceProjects" virtual directory. The source of these projects reside in multiple repositories in the sensenet ecosystem. This means tests will work only if all referenced repositories are cloned in the same local directory (for example d:\dev\github\sensenet) and the appropriate branch is checked out in those repositories.

Important: please do not modify referenced projects here. If you need to change anything in a reference project, make the modification in the original project/solution/repository.

Test projects can use local files of reference projects (mostly SQL scripts). These files are available if the reference projects are cloned correctly in the same local directory.

Running tests

It is possible to simply get all the necessary repositories, compile the solution and run tests.

The test projects use MS SQL Server databases. The connection strings are gathered in one place so they can be overwritten if needed. The common place of the connection strings:

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