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Install sensenet Preview from NuGet

This article is for developers about installing the Preview component for sensenet ECM from NuGet. Before you can do that, please install at least the core layer, sensenet Services, which is a prerequisite of this component.

About choosing the components you need, take a look at this article that describes the main components and their relationships briefly.

sensenet Preview

The SenseNet.Preview.Install package

This component contains the preview modules needed in sensenet ECM to access and display preview images. It also contains the mechanism for initiating preview generation, when it is available.

This package does not contain the task executor tool for actually generating preview images, because the tool offered by Sense/Net Inc. uses the Aspose libraries that cannot be published here. The source code written by us however is available here.

This means that even community customers can install the Preview component and display preview images using the Document Viewer, if they create their own custom tool for generating preview images.

This package also contains demo files and pre-generated preview images so that you can install and try it freely, without having to buy the sensenet ECM or Aspose licence.

The Aspose package

There is a separate NuGet package that contains the preview generator tool and other server-side modules needed for generating preview images. It is built using the Aspose libraries and it is available only from a private sensenet ECM NuGet feed.

If you need this feature, you have two options:

  • Become a sensenet ECM Enterprise customer and receive this package for free.
  • Use the Community version of sensenet ECM (available publicly on github and NuGet) and purchase an Aspose licence separately. In that case you will be able to compile and use our preview generator tool, without a sensenet ECM Enterprise licence.


To get started, stop your web site and install the preview package the usual way:

  1. Open your web application that already contains the Services component installed in Visual Studio.
  2. Install the following NuGet package (either in the Package Manager console or the Manage NuGet Packages window)


Install-Package SenseNet.Preview.Install -Pre

Install the Preview component

  1. Open a command line and go to the [web]\Admin\bin folder of your project.
  2. Execute the install-preview command with the SnAdmin tool.
.\snadmin install-preview

Optionally, if you have installed the WebPages and Workspaces components, you may add the usual importdemo:true parameter to the line above. That will give you a couple of pregenerated preview images for trying out the feature (you will be able to find them in the Budapest document workspace in the Content Repository).

Install the Aspose component

Accessible for Enterprise customers.

  1. Open a command line and go to the [web]\Admin\bin folder of your project.
  2. Execute the install-preview-aspose command with the SnAdmin tool.
.\snadmin install-preview-aspose

If there were no errors, you are good to go! Hit F5 in Visual Studio and start experimenting with sensenet ECM Preview!