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sensenet ECM Search engine implementation using Lucene.Net 2.9
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Lucene 2.9 for sensenet ECM

A sensenet ECM Search engine implementation built on Lucene.Net 2.9

For information about the different modules and configuration options please visit the Lucene search article.

SenseNet.Search.Lucene29 library


This library contains all the Lucene-related code that works directly with the index stored in the file system. It does not have a dependency on the Content Repository, only the general Search library for sensenet ECM.

Common library


This is the server-side component of the Lucene search engine implementation: contains classes that are needed on the web server.

Local library


A query and indexing engine that is able to work locally, on the web server. This is the original implementation for sensenet ECM that requires the index folder to be present on all web servers in an NLB environment.

Running tests

The test environment currently needs the base content type definitions to build an in-memory database. To achieve this, you will need to copy the contents of the following folder from the Services repository to the same directory in this repository in your local machine.


After this you should be able to run all the tests in this repository. Please do not commit this folder to this repo so that we avoid data duplication.

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