Project templates for sensenet ECM projects.
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sensenet ECM Project templates

This repo contains project templates for sensenet ECM web application projects.

All templates are based on the default ASP.NET Web Application template in Visual Studio. All projects are extended with NuGet packages of one or more sensenet ECM components.

The added NuGet packages is the only modification on the default template.

As a developer you can make use of these templates in several ways:

  • copy one of these projects manually as a starting point, when you want to kickstart a new sensenet ECM solution. This will save you the process of creating a new web application and importing all the necessary sensenet ECM packages.
  • use these projects in your builds as a skeleton of a complete website.

Do not forget to update NuGet packages before using the templates, because there may be newer versions available of those components than the installed ones in these templates.

Please look for readme files in solution subfolders in this repository to see which sensenet ECM packages are installed in that solution.

As sensenet ECM consists of many optional components, it is not feasible to provide templates for all combinations. If you think we should add a new project template with a particular package combination, please contact us - or better yet, add and contribute it yourself :).