@tusmester tusmester released this Dec 22, 2017 · 50 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

New features

  • TaskMonitor UI for monitoring executing tasks in the Task Management component.
  • New packaging steps
    • RenameContentListViewColumn step

Bug fixes

  • Add missing controls, pages, classes and settings
    • global Error control in the global content views folder
    • Password change app
    • Page type is allowed on the Site type by default
    • Purge from proxy, SetAsDefaultView, ImportFromCsv actions
    • Explore pages in the IMS folder (displaying users, orgunits and domains)
  • Fix versioninfo gui


Prerequisites: you have to install sensenet ECM Services before you can install WebPages.

You can install the sensenet ECM WebPages component in Visual Studio as a NuGet package. Please follow the steps in the the following article:

Upgrade from previous versions

There is no in-place upgrade for this version, the new dlls would not work with the old database.
Starting from this release there will be official upgrade patches for subsequent releases.
Please reinstall the underlying Services component before installing this new version.