A collection of nodes for the IBM Watson services
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Node-RED Watson Nodes for IBM Bluemix

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CLA assistant

New in version 0.5.3

  • Implement methods to manage Counter Examples in Conversation workspace Manager node.
  • Removed V1 Personality Insights node.
  • Removed V1 Language Indentification node.
  • Removed V1 Language Translation node.
  • Removed V1 Language Translation Utility node.

New in version 0.5.2

  • Visual Recognition was overwriting msg.payload with 'look at msg.results'. Fixed so that msg.payload is left as is.

New in version 0.5.1

  • Implement methods to manage for Intent and Example Input for Intent, in Conversation workspace Manager node.
  • Deprecated Alchemy Nodes.
  • Removed Conversation experimental node.
  • Removed Discovery experimental node.
  • Removed Tone Analyzer beta node.
  • Removed Relationship Extraction node.
  • Removed the V1 Visual Recognition node.

New in version 0.5.0

  • New node for Natural Language Understanding
  • watson-developer-cloud dependency forces node engine >= 4.5
  • Nodes deprecated in 0.4.x will be removed in 0.5.x releases

Watson Nodes for Node-RED

A collection of nodes to interact with the IBM Watson services in IBM Bluemix.


  • Concept Insights
    • Use concept graphs to tag and explore information and documents.
  • Conversation
    • Add conversational capabilities into applications.
  • Date Extraction
    • Uses AlchemyAPI Date Extraction to detect natural language date/time expressions from text
  • Dialog
    • Automate branching conversation between a user and your application.
    • Use natural language to automatically respond to user questions, cross-sell and up-sell, walk users through processes or applications, or even hand-hold users through difficult tasks.
  • Discovery
    • List environments created for the Discovery service
  • Document Conversion
    • Prepare documents for the Retrieve and Rank service.
  • Feature Extract
    • Analyse a single piece of text content (either public URL, HTML or raw text) to extract multiple AlchemyAPI detected features, e.g. entities, keywords, sentiment.
  • Image Analysis
    • Upload an image to detect either faces, URL text or content present in the image.
  • Language Identification
    • Detects the language used in text
  • Language Translation
    • Translates text from one language to another
  • Natural Language Classifier
    • Uses machine learning algorithms to return the top matching predefined classes for short text inputs.
  • Natural Language Understanding
    • Analyze text to extract meta-data from content such as concepts, entities, keywords ...
  • News
    • Searches news and blog content
  • Personality Insights
    • Use linguistic analytics to infer cognitive and social characteristics from text
  • Retrieve and Rank
    • Creates a trainable search engine for your data
  • Similarity search
    • Create and search against image collections
  • Speech To Text
    • Convert audio containing speech to text
  • Text To Speech
    • Convert text to audio speech
  • Tone Analyzer
    • Discover, understand, and revise the language tones in text.
  • Tradeoff Analytics
    • Optimize decisions balance between multiple conflicting objectives.
  • Visual Recognition
    • Analyze visual appearance of images to understand their contents


Example usage flows can be found here node-red-labs


For simple typos and fixes please just raise an issue pointing out our mistakes. If you need to raise a pull request please read our contribution guidelines before doing so.

Copyright and license

Copyright 2014, 2016 IBM Corp. under the Apache 2.0 license.