A few processing sketches that read OSCeleton messages via OSC to demonstrate the message format.
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What is this?

Just a few simple demos we created to demonstrate how to use OSCeleton. We have 2 processing sketches and 1 animata skeleton animation.

How do I use it?

Go get OSCeleton, follow the instructions there and run the OSCeleton executable.

For the processing examples you need to get and install the OscP5 library.

For the stickmanetic processing sketch you additionally need to get and install pbox2d.

Run the skecthes ;)

We also have an animata demo. Run OSCeleton with the options you see in the .bat file, open the animata animation and have fun!

OSC Message format

Check the README on OSCeleton and check the following method on the processing sketches: void oscEvent(OscMessage msg)


For death threats and other stuff, come join the fun in our google group!

Have fun!