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2009-03-07 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Fix some typos, grammar, and links in the documentation.
* Remove TCP from TODO list.
* Add recent contributors to the AUTHORS list.
* Add previous release notes to the NEWS file.
* Add note about MSVC in README.
* Release 0.26.
2009-03-06 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Add a return value to lo_bundle_add_message().
* Avoid pointer arithmetic on void* types for compilers that can't handle it.
* Move all local variable declarations to the top of the scope.
* Conditionally avoid the use of variable-argument macros if not GCC.
* Fix multicast on Windows: join multicast group after bind() instead of before.
* Avoid the use of C99 struct literals when giving timetag arguments.
* Add premake4, used to generate MSVC project/solution files.
* Add numerous typical kludges necessary to cover differences in MSVC.
* Use log() instead of a while loop to calculate new data size.
* Add return values for all functions that can potentially fail.
* Add premake4-related files to the dist build.
2009-02-17 Stephen Sinclair <>
* For multicast, enable SO_REUSEPORT as well as SO_REUSEADDR. (Mike Wozniewski)
2009-02-12 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Fix the definition of LO_TT_IMMEDIATE per the OSC spec. (Dominic Sacré)
2009-02-01 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Add function lo_message_get_timestamp(). (Alex McLean)
* Fix magic constant in lo_timetag_diff. (Dominic Sacré)
* Bump the LO_SO_VERSION version major number to resolve ABI
incompatibilities with previous versions. In particular, the
addition of 'const' to an argument of lo_blob_new() in r80
constituted an API add and removal, hence the reset of the 3rd
number ('age') according to the libtool manual. (SS)
2009-01-04 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Add checks to for select() and poll().
* Use inet_addr if inet_aton is not available. (i.e., on Windows)
* Retry a TCP connection once if it failed to connect on send.
* Remove useless conditional call to freeaddrinfo().
* Only implement gai_strerrorA if gai_strerror was not already defined.
* Make the TCP protocol retain session information for multiple connections.
2008-12-23 Nicholas Humfrey <>
* Added a function called lo_server_wait() which waits for a message to be received.
2008-11-23 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Use the \internal Doxygen command to hide internal functions.
2008-10-11 Kentaro Fukuchi <>
* lo_url_get_protocol_id() has been added.
* lo_address_new_with_proto() has been added.
* Changed lo_address_new_from_url() to use lo_url_get_protocol_id().
2008-10-09 Kentaro Fukuchi <>
* src/tools/oscsend.c: Fixed compile-time error on OS X.
(thanks to Koichiro Ozaki)
2008-10-07 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Move lo_arg_size(), lo_get_path(), lo_arg_host/network_endian() back to lo_lowlevel.h.
* Expose the lo_server_dispatch_data() function as public.
* Fix zero-padding of path and type strings in lo_message_deserialise().
2008-09-07 Kentaro Fukuchi <>
* Memory leak in lo_address_new_from_url() has been fixed.
* Memory leak in dispatch_method() has been fixed.
* Fix a typo and some missing free() in testlo.c.
2008-09-04 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Change license of LibLo to LGPL 2.1 or later.
(With permission of all authors.)
2008-07-11 Kentaro Fukuchi <>
* Some error checks have been added.
* oscsend now uses strtod() instead of strtof(). strtof of glibc returned
buggy results when --std=c99 is not given. (strtof is described in C99)
2008-06-18 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Update AUTHORS
* Release version 0.25
2008-06-05 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Fix Use glibtoolize if it exists, for OS X.
* Fix undefined MSG_NOSIGNAL in testlo.c.
* Fix warning on lo_message_deserialize().
2008-05-05 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Fix invalid pointer in lo_server_del_method() when doing pattern matching. (Camille Troillard)
2008-04-28 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Add support for multicast groups to LibLo.
* Add test case for sending a crafted packet that would crash a lo_server without validation.
* Make validation-related functions internal to liblo.
* Add server input validation along with a function to deserialise an OSC message. (Chris Hixon)
* Fix bad socket number in lo_client_sockets when a server is freed.
2008-04-21 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Added Daniel Lacroix's patch for level 2 broadcast support.
* Use resolved IP address to detect broadcast address.
2008-02-25 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Fix bug where curly brackets didn't match the last item in the comma-separated list.
2008-02-20 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Added lo_bundle_free_messages() to free a bundle and the messages it points to. (Kentaro Fukuchi)
2008-01-27 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Fix for lo_message_add(), wrong argument order for lo_message_add_varargs_internal(). (Dave Robillard)
* Added test case for lo_message_add().
2008-01-20 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Added lo_message_add_varargs() to play well with C functions taking a variable number of arguments. (Dave Robillard)
* Avoid unnecessary repetitive reallocation on lo_message_add_*(). (Dave Robillard)
* Fixed errors related to 64-bit in packing blob and MIDI messages. (Dave Robillard)
2008-01-13 Stephen Sinclair <>
* Fixed index increment in sendosc.c for string and symbol types
2008-01-12 Nicholas Humfrey <>
* Added tools from Kentaro Fukuchi
2007-03-19 Nicholas Humfrey <>
* Applied patch from Chris Hixon to check for buffer overflows
2007-03-16 Nicholas Humfrey <>
* Fixed several compiler warnings
* Changed address for package bug reports
* Released version 0.24
2007-03-09 Nicholas Humfrey <>
* Changed lo_blob_new() to take const void* (thanks to Lars Luthman)
* Disable getnameinfo() method of getting hostname, when IPv6 is disabled
* Unlink Unix server socket when it is close (thanks to Dominic SacrŽ)
* Checks size of unix socket path properly
* Now accepts unix socket format osc.unix://localhost/tmp/mysocket.sock
* Released version 0.24pre1
2007-03-08 Nicholas Humfrey <>
* Added lo_server_thread_new_with_proto(), as suggested by Dave Robillard
* Applied patch from Aron Stansvik to fix bug with FreeBSD/NetBSD systems
* Removed freeaddrinfo() from resolve_address() error case (thanks to Anthony Green)
* Only call connect() for TCP sessions (thanks to Roger B. Dannenberg)
2006-03-29 Nicholas Humfrey <>
* Applied lo_address_get_url() patch from Sze'kelyi Szabolcs
* Added lo_server_get_protocol() and lo_address_get_protocol()
* Added tests for lo_address_get_* tests to test tool
2006-01-26 Nicholas Humfrey <>
* IPv6 is now disabled by default
* Released version 0.23
2005-12-29 Nicholas Humfrey <>
* Fixed pthread resource leak, when stopping thread
2005-12-21 Nicholas Humfrey <>
* Fixed bug where sockets weren't closed when replying to messages
* Split off resolve_address into seperate create_socket function
* Only creates new sockets when needed
2005-12-05 Nicholas Humfrey <>
* Added lo_send_from, lo_send_message_from and lo_send_bundle_from
* Merged guts of lo_send_message and lo_send_bundle into new static send_data()
2005-09-04 Steve Harris <>
* Released 0.22
2005-09-02 Steve Harris <>
* address.c, server.c: Added patch from Martin Habets that redoes
parts of previous patches...
2005-09-01 Steve Harris <>
* address.c, server.c: Added patches from Jesse Chappell and Dave
Robillard to close various sockets when there no longer used.
2005-08-19 Steve Harris <>
* address.c, testlo.c: Added patch from Dave Robillard to fix parsing
of IPV6 addresses in URLs.
2005-08-11 Martin Habets <>
* message.c: Fix LO_CHAR sending on big endian architectures.
2005-08-09 Martin Habets <>
* server.c: Add lo_server_del_method()
* server_thread.c: Add lo_server_thread_del_method()
2005-07-26 Steve Harris <>
* bundle.c, server.c: Endianess fixed from Topher Cyll for bundle
# Bundle delivery timing is still not right, theres an arithmetic
# errorsomewhere, but I cant see it.
2005-06-05 Steve Harris <>
* server.c: Patch from Lorenz Schori to optionally disable IPV6 support
with --disable-ipv6
2005-03-31 Steve Harris <>
* server.c: Patch from Martin Habets that expands wildcarded patch to
the matching path where possible (eg. not when using the NULL
wildcard path).
2005-03-04 Steve Harris <>
* server.c: try to fix the global struct thing that keeps track of
server sockets.
2005-02-03 Steve Harris <>
* server.c: made UDP messages resolve back to thier originating server,
or something close to it.
2005-02-03 Taybin Rutkin <>
* server.c: commited resource leak fix from Jesse Chappell
2005-01-22 Steve Harris <>
* address.c: fixed bug when determining protocol of URL with
unspecified sub-protocol. Reported by Pix.
2005-01-13 Steve Harris <>
* bundle.c: patch from Dave Robillard that fixes bundles of more than 4
2005-01-13 Steve Harris <>
* message.c: made the arguments to _add_string and _add_symbol const
char * for C++ compatibility.
2005-01-10 Steve Harris <>
* message.c: added a source field that represents the source from which
a message was received. Useful in method handlers to determine which
client sent the message.
2004-12-21 Steve Harris <>
* server.c: added patch from Walco van Loon and Pix that fixes a bug
in the hostname detection fallback code
2004-11-19 Steve Harris <>
* send.c: added lo_send_timestamped()
2004-11-17 Steve Harris <>
* server.c: added code to handle bundle reception
* bundle.c: code to build bundle objects
* timetag.c: code to manipulate and test timetags
2004-10-19 Steve Harris <>
Release 0.13
* lo.h: removed reference to obsolete header lo_backcompat.h
2004-10-17 Steve Harris <>
* lo_server.c: added code to allow servers to poll() on the server
socket, if available. From Sean Bolton.
2004-08-27 Steve Harris <>
* lo_lowlevel.h, send.c: added OSX compatibility fixes from Taybin
2004-08-19 Steve Harris <>
Release 0.9
* testlo.c: added more URL tests
2004-08-19 Steve Harris <>
* address.c: more bugfixes to URL handling
2004-08-02 Steve Harris <>
* server.c, address.c: fixed bugs and ommisions in URL handling
2004-07-28 Steve Harris <>
* send.c, server.c: added code to handle UNIX domain sockets.
2004-07-12 Steve Harris <>
* server_thread.c: added a lo_server_thread_stop() function for
symmetry with lo_server_thread_start()
2004-06-07 Steve Harris <>
* server.c: added a lo_server_recv_noblock() that will not wait for
a packet to be received
2004-03-26 Steve Harris <>
* doc/, *.h: added doxygen documentation
* address.c: changed URL methods to accept/expect protocol
specifiers (eg. osc.udp://...)
* examples/*.c: added comments, slightly simplified
2004-03-21 Steve Harris <>
* server.c: made binding to unspecified ports work
2004-03-21 Steve Harris <>
* message.c: fixed coercion type bugs
* server.c: fixed endian conversion bug
* testlo.c: added lots of tests
* send.c: added implicit guard variable to end of send arguments
2004-03-20 Steve Harris <>
* message.c, send.c: added support for the remaining types OSC
2004-03-15 Steve Harris <>
* message.c: changed the definition of the string argument accessor
member (it was wrong before).
* target.c, *.[ch]: lo_target* is now called lo_address*, this
makes the api much clearer, %s/lo_target/lo_address/g, should
bring all source files up to date.
2004-02-29 Steve Harris <>
*, added auto* stuff
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