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Missing argument -lpthread in Makefile (small Issue) #19

YggdrasiI opened this Issue Jul 29, 2011 · 2 comments

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Run 'make' in the main directory fails with
g++ osc_tools/osc2file.c -O3 -Wno-write-strings -Iliblo-0.26-modified liblo-0.26-modified/src/.libs/*.o -o osc2file
liblo-0.26-modified/src/.libs/liblo_la-server_thread.o: In function lo_server_thread_stop'
[...]/OSCeleton/liblo-0.26-modified/src/server_thread.c:132: undefined reference to

It's suffice to add the option -lpthread for the entries osc2file, osc2text, file2osc in the makefile to fix it.

System: Ubuntu 10.4
OSCeleton version: commit 7307683 (?)


Hey Yggdrasil... if you fork the project you can make the changes to the makefile yourself... and then send a pull request to have it merged with the main code base.


Just to let you know, this unfixed error still caused my build to fail. It looks like there's a pending pull request for the necessary changes to be added?

@YggdrasiI YggdrasiI closed this Sep 23, 2015
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