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MappyDot Firmware

Firmware sources for use with the MappyDot - The firmware is developed for use and compilation with Atmel Studio.

Compile Size

Please note, the Debug release of this firmware will not fit with the bootloader. When developing and debugging you will need to disable some functions or erase the bootloader and BOOTRST fuses. Some non critical functions can be easily disabled with the DEV_DISABLE compiler flag. When running with the bootloader, the compiled size needs to be under 0x7C00 bytes to work with bootloader.

Firmware Versions

MappyDots can be queried for their firmware version with the I2C command N (0x4E). It returns a 10 byte character array representing the firmware version. Stable major releases of the binary firmware will be built and placed the the Releases directory.

  • MD_FW_V1.0 (11/09/2017) - Release firmware.
  • MD_FW_V1.1 (29/10/2017) - Added IDLE sleep to save ~2-5mA and some small bug fixes.
  • MD_FW_V1.2 (14/01/2018) - Added custom measurement mode profile setting and saving (new documentation also added to Cleanup of code and API functions. Tweaks to profile setting code to support the custom measurement profiles.
  • MD_FW_V1.3 (15/01/2018) - Implemented auto address recovery and sped up init routine. Auto address recovery will initialise with the previous auto address if auto addressing fails on startup. This will only recover addresses that were obtained through auto addressing (i.e. not the master address of 0x08). This is useful if some devices reboot during operation due to power supply glitches or disconnection.
  • MD_FW_V1.3f(27/02/2018) - Fixes a measurement timing budget reporting bug where when reading the settings via I2C, the value is incorrectly reported. Also implements internal pullups for Rev.01c boards which no longer have external pullups on the interrupt and shutdown lines to the vl53l0x sensor. A new release version not created as no new features were added. Boards shipped after this date have this release if they report version 1.3.
  • MD_FW_V1.4 (19/04/2018) - Added soft interrupt command. Added AmbientRateRtnMegaCps and SignalRateRtnMegaCps command. Tweaks to filtering, no longer filters with measurement rate under 12Hz, now changes filter parameters when measurement frequency changes. Reset default function now applies the changes to the active ranging (previous versions required you to save settings and restart the module before they became active). You still need to save the default parameters if you want them to be retained. Reduction to API platform code to save code space.
  • MD_FW_V1.5 (03/05/2018) - Fix major issue with the calibration routine handlers. The previous calibration routines would not load the calibration values on startup correctly. Customers wishing to use offset calibration and crosstalk calibration must upgrade to this firmware version.

Features Under Development

  • Inter-device crosstalk grouping. Will allow you to assign groups to devices to prevent crosstalk.
  • Assign new start address to master and assign master in firmware.
  • Intersensor synchronisation. Will syncronise measurements to master.


Firmware for the MappyDot and VL53L0X Sensor



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