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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
The Ivy package maanger used for getting some packages (jars) used in jAER.
Copyright (C) 2018 Tobi.
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
Lesser General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston,
MA 02110-1301 USA
<ivy-module version="2.0" xmlns:m="">
<info organisation="org.jaerproject" module="jaer" />
<!--see to find libraries -->
<!--following does not work, since the latest jogl doesn't have com.jogamp.opengl-->
<dependency org="org.jogamp.gluegen" name="gluegen-rt" rev="2.3.2" />
<dependency org="org.jogamp.gluegen" name="gluegen-rt-main" rev="2.3.2" />
<dependency org="org.jogamp.gluegen" name="gluegen-rt" rev="2.3.2" >
<!--include main jar-->
<artifact name="gluegen-rt" type="jar" ext="jar"/>
<artifact name="gluegen-rt" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-linux-amd64"/>
<artifact name="gluegen-rt" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-linux-i586"/>
<artifact name="gluegen-rt" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-macosx-universal"/>
<artifact name="gluegen-rt" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-solaris-amd64"/>
<artifact name="gluegen-rt" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-solaris-i586"/>
<artifact name="gluegen-rt" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-windows-amd64"/>
<artifact name="gluegen-rt" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-windows-i586"/>
<artifact name="gluegen-rt" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-windows-amd64"/>
<!--<dependency org="org.jogamp.jogl" name="jogl-all" rev="2.3.2" />-->
<dependency org="org.jogamp.jogl" name="jogl-all-main" rev="2.3.2" />
<!--<dependency org="org.jogamp.jogl" name="nativewindow" rev="2.3.2" />-->
<!--<dependency org="org.jogamp.jogl" name="newt" rev="2.3.2" />-->
<!--<dependency org="org.jogamp.jogl" name="jogl-all-main" rev="2.3.2" />-->
<dependency org="org.jogamp.jogl" name="jogl-all" rev="2.3.2" >
<!--include main jar-->
<artifact name="jogl-all" type="jar" ext="jar"/>
<artifact name="jogl-all" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-linux-amd64"/>
<artifact name="jogl-all" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-linux-i586"/>
<artifact name="jogl-all" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-macosx-universal"/>
<artifact name="jogl-all" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-solaris-amd64"/>
<artifact name="jogl-all" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-solaris-i586"/>
<artifact name="jogl-all" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-windows-amd64"/>
<artifact name="jogl-all" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-windows-i586"/>
<artifact name="jogl-all" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="natives-windows-amd64"/>
<dependency org="org.swinglabs" name="swing-layout" rev="1.0.3" />
<dependency org="org.jdesktop" name="beansbinding" rev="1.2.1" />
<!--bag-reader-java-1.9.0 is here to obtain all of its dependencies, but we are using the fork at currently-->
<!--since our fixes were pulled, we can now use bag-reader-java 1.10.x-->
<dependency org="com.github.swri-robotics" name="bag-reader-java" rev="1.10.0" />
<dependency org="org.apache.commons" name="commons-lang3" rev="3.7" />
<dependency org="org.apache.commons" name="commons-math3" rev="3.6.1" />
<dependency org="org.webjars.npm" name="semver" rev="5.4.1" />
<dependency org="commons-net" name="commons-net" rev="3.6" />
<dependency org="" name="" rev="2.4" />
<dependency org="" name="gson" rev="2.8.2" />
<dependency org="javax.mail" name="javax.mail-api" rev="1.6.0" />
<!--jblas is a matrix library for Java which uses existing high performance BLAS and LAPACK libraries like ATLAS -->
<dependency org="org.jblas" name="jblas" rev="1.2.4" />
<dependency org="org.scala-saddle" name="jhdf5" rev="2.9" />
<dependency org="org.bytedeco.javacpp-presets" name="hdf5" rev="1.10.1-1.4" >
<artifact name="hdf5" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="macosx-x86_64"/>
<artifact name="hdf5" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="windows-x86_64"/>
<artifact name="hdf5" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="windows-x86"/>
<artifact name="hdf5" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="linux-x86_64"/>
<artifact name="hdf5" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="linux-x86"/>
<dependency org="" name="jlfgr" rev="1_0" />
<dependency org="com.neuronrobotics" name="nrjavaserial" rev="3.13.0" />
<dependency org="com.kitfox.svg" name="svg-salamander" rev="1.0" />
<dependency org="org.uncommons.maths" name="uncommons-maths" rev="1.2.2a" />
<!--<dependency org="io.github.andreas-solti.matrix-toolkits-java" name="mtj" rev="1.0.7" />-->
<dependency org="org.tallison" name="jmatio" rev="1.2" />
<!--<dependency org="com.github.fommil.netlib" name="all" rev="1.1.2" />-->
<!-- <dependency org="com.github.fommil.netlib" name="native_system-java" rev="1.1" />
<dependency org="com.github.fommil.netlib" name="core" rev="1.1.2" />-->
<dependency org="org.usb4java" name="usb4java" rev="1.2.0" />
<dependency org="" name="guava" rev="18.0" />
<!--libusb4java needs following to work around bug in maven that incorrectly constucts the ivy dependency - see -->
<dependency org="org.usb4java" name="libusb4java" rev="1.2.0">
<artifact name="libusb4java" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="osx-x86_64"/>
<artifact name="libusb4java" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="osx-x86"/>
<artifact name="libusb4java" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="windows-x86_64"/>
<artifact name="libusb4java" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="windows-x86"/>
<artifact name="libusb4java" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="linux-arm"/>
<artifact name="libusb4java" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="linux-x86_64"/>
<artifact name="libusb4java" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="linux-x86"/>
<!--TODO sort out opencv and javacv - seems to be multiple versions used in jaer-->
<!--TODO the bytedeco wrapper on opencv (opencv_core) is needed in a few places -->
<dependency org="org.bytedeco.javacpp-presets" name="opencv" rev="3.2.0-1.3" >
<artifact name="opencv" type="jar" ext="jar"/>
<artifact name="opencv" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="macosx-x86_64"/>
<artifact name="opencv" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="windows-x86_64"/>
<artifact name="opencv" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="windows-x86"/>
<artifact name="opencv" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="linux-x86_64"/>
<artifact name="opencv" type="jar" ext="jar" m:classifier="linux-x86"/>
<!--following is for the official org.opencv.core classes from nu.pattern-->
<dependency org="org.openpnp" name="opencv" rev="3.2.0-1" />
<!--<dependency org="org.openpnp" name="opencv" rev="2.4.13-0" />-->
<!--<dependency org="org.bytedeco.javacpp-presets" name="opencv" rev="3.4.0-1.4" />-->
<!--we use version 1.0 of javacv because the stereo matching opencv only has 3 arguments in existing code but later opencv has many more options-->
<dependency org="org.bytedeco" name="javacv" rev="1.0" />
<!--tensorflow has native libraries, but handled fine with this dependeny - see -->
<!--if having trouble loading the DLL, you might have to downgrade locally to version 1.5.0-->
<!--make sure to delete newer versions of libtensorflow* and tensorflow* from lib/-->
<dependency org="org.tensorflow" name="tensorflow" rev="1.12.0" />
<!--to use GPU if you have an Nvida GPU installed, comment line above and use lines below with appropriate version of tensor flow.
You have to separately install Cuda toolkit for this to work - see>
<!-- <dependency org="org.tensorflow" name="libtensorflow_jni_gpu" rev="1.12.0" />
<dependency org="org.tensorflow" name="libtensorflow" rev="1.12.0" />-->
<!--for reading yaml files that store the input format for tensorflow graphs, e.g. cnns-->
<dependency org="com.esotericsoftware.yamlbeans" name="yamlbeans" rev="1.13" />
<!--mathematics, linear algebra and optimisation java library-->
<dependency org="org.ojalgo" name="ojalgo" rev="44.0.0" />
<dependency org="org.jblas" name="jblas" rev="1.2.4" />
<!--used in telluride for communicating to foosball-->
<dependency org="redis.clients" name="jedis" rev="2.9.0" />
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