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added comments and correct procedure for running tensorflow on GPU, b…

…ut speed on GPU is slower than on CPU for running roshambo (12ms on core i7 975, 18ms on GTX 980Ti)
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Tobi Delbruck Tobi Delbruck
Tobi Delbruck authored and Tobi Delbruck committed Dec 23, 2018
1 parent 1be4b7b commit 0c8444c9367cccc1b1e3b0d6cefebcdbda15aa0b
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11 ivy.xml
@@ -130,11 +130,16 @@ MA 02110-1301 USA
<!--we use version 1.0 of javacv because the stereo matching opencv only has 3 arguments in existing code but later opencv has many more options-->
<dependency org="org.bytedeco" name="javacv" rev="1.0" />

<!--tensorflow has native libraries, but handled fine with this dependeny-->
<!--tensorflow has native libraries, but handled fine with this dependeny - see -->
<!--if having trouble loading the DLL, you might have to downgrade locally to version 1.5.0-->
<!--make sure to delete newer versions of libtensorflow* and tensorflow* from lib/-->
<dependency org="org.tensorflow" name="tensorflow" rev="1.5.0" />

<dependency org="org.tensorflow" name="tensorflow" rev="1.12.0" />
<!--to use GPU if you have an Nvida GPU installed, comment line above and use lines below with appropriate version of tensor flow.
You have to separately install Cuda toolkit for this to work - see>
<!-- <dependency org="org.tensorflow" name="libtensorflow_jni_gpu" rev="1.12.0" />
<dependency org="org.tensorflow" name="libtensorflow" rev="1.12.0" />-->

<!--for reading yaml files that store the input format for tensorflow graphs, e.g. cnns-->
<dependency org="com.esotericsoftware.yamlbeans" name="yamlbeans" rev="1.13" />

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