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updated about dialog BUILDVERSION.txt output file to add more useful …

…information for support
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Tobi Delbruck Tobi Delbruck
Tobi Delbruck authored and Tobi Delbruck committed Nov 1, 2018
1 parent c507920 commit 6d3a99eaa9820318aaa30e3d2a68ea497aa1c27d
Showing with 8 additions and 12 deletions.
  1. +8 −12 build.xml
@@ -317,21 +317,17 @@
<echo message="Making build version file ${buildversion.outputfile} - you can ignore any error ${line.separator}generated here since it will only affect the Help/About... dialog." />
<delete file="${buildversion.outputfile}"/>
<echo message="Built ${TODAY} at ${TSTAMP} by ${}${line.separator}" append="true" file="${buildversion.outputfile}" />
<echo message="${}${line.separator}" append="true" file="${buildversion.outputfile}" />
<echo message="os.version=${os.version}${line.separator}" append="true" file="${buildversion.outputfile}" />
<echo message="java.version=${java.version}${line.separator}" append="true" file="${buildversion.outputfile}" />
<echo message="java.vendor=${java.vendor}${line.separator}" append="true" file="${buildversion.outputfile}" />
<echo message="&quot;:git describe&quot; output: " append="true" file="${buildversion.outputfile}" />
<!-- run version command to get revision numnber -->
<exec executable="git" failifexecutionfails="false" spawn="false" dir="${basedir}" output="${buildversion.outputfile}" searchpath="true">
<exec executable="git" failifexecutionfails="false" spawn="false" dir="${basedir}" output="${buildversion.outputfile}" append="true" searchpath="true">
<arg line="describe"/>
<!-- make it a property line -->
<!-- <replaceregexp file="${buildversion.outputfile}"
<!-- run subwcrev (must have tortoisesvn installed and on PATH) to get svn revision numnber -->
<!-- <exec executable="subWCrev" failifexecutionfails="false" spawn="false" dir="${basedir}" output="${buildversion.outputfile}" append="true">
<arg line="."/>
<!-- add a datestamp property -->
<echo message="${DSTAMP} at ${TSTAMP}" append="true" file="${buildversion.outputfile}" />
<echo message="${line.separator}" append="true" file="${buildversion.outputfile}" />
<filelist dir="${basedir}" files="${buildversion.outputfile}"/>

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