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NTPtime for ESP8266
This routine gets the unixtime from a NTP server and adjusts it to the time zone and the
Middle European summer time if requested
Author: Andreas Spiess V1.0 2016-6-28
Based on work from John Lassen:
#ifndef NTPtime_h
#define NTPtime_h
#include <Arduino.h>
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <WiFiUdp.h>
struct strDateTime
byte hour;
byte minute;
byte second;
int year;
byte month;
byte day;
byte dayofWeek;
unsigned long epochTime;
boolean valid;
class NTPtime {
NTPtime(String NTPtime);
strDateTime getNTPtime(float _timeZone, int _DayLightSaving);
void printDateTime(strDateTime _dateTime);
bool setSendInterval(unsigned long _sendInterval); // in seconds
bool setRecvTimeout(unsigned long _recvTimeout); // in seconds
bool _sendPhase;
unsigned long _sentTime;
unsigned long _sendInterval;
unsigned long _recvTimeout;
strDateTime ConvertUnixTimestamp( unsigned long _tempTimeStamp);
boolean summerTime(unsigned long _timeStamp );
boolean daylightSavingTime(unsigned long _timeStamp);
unsigned long adjustTimeZone(unsigned long _timeStamp, float _timeZone, int _DayLightSavingSaving);