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Spree Comments

Spree Comments is an extension for Spree to allow commenting on different models via the admin ui and currently supports Orders & Shipments.

Spree Comments also supports optional comment Types which can be defined per comment-able object (i.e. Order, Shipment, etc) via the admin Configuration tab.

This is based on a fork / rename of jderrett/spree-order-comments and is now an officially supported extension.


  • Comments are create-only. You cannot edit or remove them from the Admin UI.


Add the following to your Gemfile

gem "spree_comments"


bundle install

Copy over migrations via the rake task:

bundle exec rake spree_comments:install:migrations

Run the migrations

bundle exec rake db:migrate

Or you can also run them together and save a little loading time

bundle exec rake spree_comments:install:migrations db:migrate

Start your server:

rails s