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Spree Variant Options groups your variants by option types and values
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Spree Variant Options

Spree Variant Options is a very simple spree extension that replaces the radio-button variant selection with groups of option types and values. To get a better idea let's let a few images do the explaining.

When no selection has been made:

Spree Variant Options - No selection

After "Medium" is selected, "Medium Blue" is out of stock:

Spree Variant Options - Option Type/Value selected

And after "Green" is selected:

Spree Variant Options - Variant Selcted

To see it in action, follow the steps for "Demo" below.


If you don't already have an existing Spree site, click here then come back later... You can also read the Spree docs here...

To install Spree Variant Options, just add the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'spree_variant_options', '0.2.0'

Now, bundle up with:


Next, run the install generator to copy the necessary migration to your project and migrate your database:

rails g spree_variant_options:install
rake db:migrate

Finally, you'll need include app/views/products/_variant_options.html.erb in your products#show view...

If you don't have a custom version of _cart_form.html.erb in your application, then don't worry about a thing, spree_variant_options will include the partial for you. Otherwise, just replace the entire <% if @product.has_variants? %> block with:

<%= render 'variant_options' %>

To tie spree_variant_options in with your product photos just delete your local copy of product.js or copy spree_variant_options' product.js to your local public/javascripts directory.


Spree Variant Options works on Spree 0.30.x through 0.60.x. 0.70.x compatibility is just around the corner... Please let me know if you run into any issues.


Clone this repo to where you develop, bundle up, then run `dummier' to get the show started:

git clone git://
cd spree_variant_options
bundle install
bundle exec dummier

This will generate a fresh rails app in test/dummy, install spree & spree_variant_options, then migrate the test database. Sweet.

Spork + Cucumber

To run the cucumber features, boot spork like this:

bundle exec spork

Then, in another window, run:

cucumber --drb

Spork + Test::Unit

If you want to run shoulda tests, start spork with:

bundle exec spork TestUnit
bundle exec spork t

In another window, run all tests:

testdrb test/**/*_test.rb

Or just a specific test:

testdrb test/unit/supplier_test.rb

No Spork

If you don't want to spork, just use rake:

# cucumber/capybara
rake cucumber

# test/unit
rake test

# both



You can easily use the test/dummy app as a demo of spree_variant_options. Just cd to where you develop and run:

git clone git://
cd spree_variant_options
mv lib/dummy_hooks/after_migrate.rb.sample lib/dummy_hooks/after_migrate.rb
bundle install
bundle exec dummier
cd test/dummy
rails s


If you'd like to help out feel free to fork and send me pull requests!


Copyright (c) 2011 Spencer Steffen and Citrus, released under the New BSD License All rights reserved.

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