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Release Notes v. 1.0


A back-up of DB/SolR is strongly recommended before migrating to DHuS 1.0 version.
This software release introduces a set of new features and performance improvements with respect to the previous open source distribution (version 0.12-5-7-osf).

Important notes:

New data storage architecture:
DHuS 1.0 introduces in the Data Hub System a “Datastore service” function able to interface with:
• File System
• OpenStack Object storage
DHuS is therefore able to use such kind of storages for the data archiving function
New Open Web Component:
DHuS 1.0 includes a new GUI (OWC) based on the Polymer library. OWC is mobile compatible and it includes some extra functions, like calendar view (showing the number of published products per sensing day). This new feature is designed for the open source framework users, which are now able to customize the Data Hub style as they like the most and to create and integrate their own web components.
Catalogue extraction API:
DHuS 1.0 introduces a capability to extract the data catalogue in compact format with a single customizable query

What’s new?

Mission related features
Landsat-8 add-on
Cosmo-skymed add-on
Pleiades add-on

• Tile Identifier extraction and indexing at ingestion time
• New sorting method: datatake and tile ID
• Ingestion capability for Sentinel 2A L2A in COMPACT format (see S2-PDGS-TAS-DI-PSD Sentinel-2 Products Specification Document, Issue 13.2 and Issue 14.0)
• Introduction of dedicated algorithm to generate OLCI and SLSTR product quicklook
• Introduction of dedicated algorithm to generate quicklook for:

  • OL_2_LFR
  • OL_2_LRR
  • SL_2_LST
  • SY_2_SYN

Data store
New data storage architecture
Introduction of Datastore service function able to interface with:
• Block storages (local or remote file system)
• OpenStack Object storage containers (through OpenStack Swift HTTP interface)

Standard UI features
New features for users:
• Link to download TCI images for S2A COMPACT format products
• Improvement in the shape file feature precision
• Polygon selection on Map

New features for administrators:
• Terms and conditions link in the registration page
• Configurable pagination limit in AJS

OWC UI features
New features for users:
• Possibility to select a list of metadata to expose in the product list
• Cart
• Saved Searches
• Advanced search (beta version)

New features for administrators
• Management panels
• Map Servers configuration panel

API features
• Possibility to retrieve metadata of deleted and evicted products (this function is not retroactive)
• Catalogue view: Compact output format (CSV) for the OData query output

Functionality improvement
Synchronizer updates
• Synchronization of products covering a defined Geographical AOI
• Product synchronizers optimization: product download via multiple threads

Interface changes
• Removal of Metalink parameter form OData entity Products
• New log messages in case of STOP action on FileScanner

Bug Fixes and Implementations
Here follows the list of bug fixes and implementations released:

Mission related features
• Fix for missing footprint on SRAL new product type: SR_1_SRA_A_ and SR_1_SRA_BS
• Fix for mirroring transformation affecting S3A SLSTR ascending images
• Fix for SLSTR quicklook sometimes generated in grey or encountering quicklook generation issues

UI features fixes
Fixes for users:
• Search box: solution for issue with Mozilla Firefox v52.0
• Introduce control for forgot password process via GUI for non-existent user

Fixes for administrators:
• OWC Product footprints default color
• OWC prototypes: Auxiliary Data Files manager
• Validation of email format in the registration form in the standard UI: the creation of user accounts with malformed e-mail is forbidden

API features fixes
Solr service
• OpenSearch orderby is now not case sensitive
OData service
• Introduction of OData filter tolower functionality in Users entity

Functionality improvement
Queries response performance
• Optimization of the $expand filter
• Indexing of “ingestion date”, “creation date” and “product identifier” metadata to improve response time when filtering by the mentioned metadata
OData Synchronizer
• Change sorting criteria used by User Synchronizers: User creation date
• Change sorting criteria used by Product Synchronizers: product creation date
• Solution of issue causing synchronization gaps in OData metadata synchronizations

Known issues and limitations

• Incomplete S1A WV product footprints extraction
• S3 SLSTR SL_1_RBT__ quicklook generated by DHuS are sometimes shorter than the original data (this issue is not systematic)
• S3 SR_1_SRA_A_ and SR_1_SRA_BS product inspection functionality unavailable
• Slow Product Nodes inspection in Openstack
• Installation process more time consuming than usual: the duration of the first start will be proportional to the amount of data stored in DB/SolR in DHuS DB.
• ProductExcess service is no more available
• The remote synchronizer (synchronizer with product copy) looses some products during the run.

DHuS Administration Manual

Jun 28, 2017
update poms for osf publication
Jun 16, 2017
Initial import from standard release 0.13.4-4
Including OSF equivalent dependencies to:
a. dhus-core v.1.0.1-6
b. dhus-owc v. 0.15.0-1
c. dhus-ajs v. 0.13.5-1
d. dhus-s1 v.1.0.7
e. dhus-s2 v. 1.1.11
f. dhus-s3 v. 1.0.8
g. dhus-adf v.0.0.2
h. dhus-landsat-8 v. 1.0.2
i. dhus-pleiades- v. 1.0.1
j. dhus-cosmo-skymed v. 1.0.1